Q: What is the difference between the WebCruiser Web Vulnerability Scanner Free Edition, Personal Edition and Enterprise Edition?
A: The difference list as follow:

WebCruiser EditionDescriptionLicense Limitation
Free EditionFree and No functional limitationsScan web sites only with private IP address, and non-commercial use.
Personal Editionfor masters of individual websites, security reseachers etc.30-day trial for unregistered user, and non-commercial use.
Enterprise Editionfor enterprises, institution, or commercial organizations30-day trial for unregistered user.

Q: What is the most typical feature of WebCruiser comparing with other Web Vulnerability Scanners?
A: First, WebCruiser Web Vulnerability Scanner focus on high risk vulnerabilities. Second, WebCruiser can scan a designated vulnerability type, or a designated URL, or a designated page separately, while the others usually will not.

Q: How to set authentication credential for WebCruiser?
A: WebCruiser Web Vulnerability Scanner will synchronize the authentication credential (i.e. Session Cookies) of inner browser to the scanner automatically, so if you are going to scan a site as a logged user, simply log in it with the inner browser.