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ACME (Automated Certificate Management Environment) certificate is suitable for websites open to the Internet. Since the certificate authority will use the domain name return visit to verify the ownership of the domain name, this requires that the domain name has already pointed to the IP address of the JANUSEC application gateway to be deployed. 

Now, take www.janusec.com as an example to demonstrate how to configure it.  


Step 1:  Install the JANUSEC application gateway by referring to the quick start guide of the JANUSEC application gateway.

The second step is to configure an application in the web management background of the JANUSEC application gateway (without adding a certificate, go directly to the application management menu).

Step 2: In the section "Domain Name Configuration" below, enter the domain name and then select "ACME Automated Certificate":

JANUSEC ACME Certificate

For the time being, do not check HTTP to HTTPS and save it.

Step 3: Verify whether the HTTP mode of the website is accessible (only the HTTP mode can be accessed first, and then the certificate authority will return to verify the domain name), and use the browser to directly access http://www.janusec.com/.

Step 4: If the HTTP request in the previous step can be accessed normally, you can directly replace it with an HTTPS request, and use a browser to access https://www.janusec.com/ .

When you visit for the first time, stay for a few seconds, and then you can see the expected small lock sign in the browser address bar.

Click the small lock sign, you can see that the certificate is issued by Let's Encrypt. Although the validity period is only three months, the gateway will automatically renew it when the validity period is less than 30 days, and the length of time does not matter.


Step 5 (optional), if you want HTTP to automatically jump to HTTPS, in the application configuration, check "Forward HTTP requests to HTTPS" and save.


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