Operating System

Operating System should be x86_64 and one of the following:

  • CentOS 7
  • RHEL 7
  • Debian 9

Service Management

systemd is used for Service Management , check :

command -v systemctl

(Expect result: /usr/bin/systemctl)


Use psql to check PostgreSQL Connection:

psql -h -U janusec -W janusec

If not OK, refer to Operation Management , PostgreSQL part.

Check version within PSQL Shell:

select version();

The version must be greater than 9.3.


netstat -anp | grep LISTEN | grep ':\(80\|443\|9080\|9443\)\s'

Janusec will use 80/443/9080/9443 , if other program occupied thest ports, you shoud change it before installation of Janusec.

Nodes Sync

In order to sync correctly, requires:

  • Slave node use the correct time, error less than 60 seconds.
  • The node_key in /usr/local/janusec/config.json is the same with Node Management.


Operating System

Linux is preferred.
Console debug only for other operating systems.
The release script (release.sh) support Linux only.


Different configuration files used, ./config.json for development , and /usr/local/janusec/config.json for deployment .


At least Go 1.9+ .


go get -u github.com/Janusec/janusec

git clone is not preferred.

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