Data Privacy Management

On-Premise Data Privacy Management Software

JANUSEC Privacy, provides an accountability framework and on-premise IT solutions for privacy Management, including records of processing activities, data protection impact assessments, asset security assessments, control measures, etc., to help enterprises demonstrate privacy compliance with accountability (GDPR etc.).

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JANUSEC Privacy Protection Governance


How to Systematically Implement Privacy Compliance?
  • Strategic Insights and Program Planning
  • Organization and Operation
  • Policies and Risk Management


What we have and What is the Status Quo?
  • Processing Activities
  • Assets
  • Recipients


Are they compliant?
  • Privacy Impact Assessment
  • Legitimate Interests Assessment
  • Transfer Impact Assessment
  • Security Assessment
  • Due Diligence


How to mitigate risk and demonstrate compliance?
  • Privacy Notice
  • Consent
  • Pseudonymization / Encryption
  • Retention
  • DPA
  • DTA


Continuous improvement by responding to exceptions, requests, incidents
  • Data Breaches
  • Data Subject Requests
  • Audit Findings
JANUSEC Privacy Dashboard


Dynamically display compliance operation data for the full life cycle of personal data.

Record of Processing Activity

Record of Processing Activity according to GDPR Article 30.

JANUSEC Processing Activity

Data Flow Diagrams

Automatically generate data flow diagrams based on the collection, disclosure and transfer of personal data.


Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) or Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

JANUSEC Processing Activity

Why JANUSEC Privacy?

Faster Access

  • On-Premise (Private) Deployment
  • Nearby deployment


  • Only open to your own organization
  • Totally under your control


  • Demonstration Compliance with Accountability
  • Export Processing Activities as PDF
  • Export Assessments as PDF

* This is not a public cloud service, you should download it at first and install it on your linux server or on your cloud host.

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