Why we need an accountability framework for privacy compliance?

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Why we need an accountability framework for privacy compliance?

GDPR Article 5(2) states that the data controller shall be responsible for and be able to demonstrate compliance with the principles for processing data. 

So how do we prove this? Is there a guide or method that tells us what to do or how to do it that can lead us to compliance?

Yes, an accountability framework can assist us in achieving compliance. JANUSEC Privacy provides such an accountability framework.

JANUSEC Privacy Accountability Framework

JANUSEC accountability frameword has 5 management functions:

  • Governance
  • Inventory
  • Assessment
  • Control
  • Response

We call it GIACR for short. 

After installing JANUSEC Privacy, it can be accessed through the browser, and its details can be viewed under the framework menu.

JANUSEC GIACR Accountability Framework

JANUSEC Privacy, provides an accountability framework and on-premise IT solutions for privacy compliance governance, including records of processing activities, privacy impact assessments, asset security assessments, control measures, etc., to help enterprises demonstrate privacy compliance (GDPR etc.). 

Free trial is available.



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